The aim of this project was to explore and challenge constructions in a playful way. My concept is based on on studying the tectonics of landscape and using construction in both aesthetic and functional way.

The project was awarded a 1. price – price of Dean.
(Price of Dean is awarded for the best studio project in each academic year which is the highest price for students of architectural bachelor and master´s programs provided by Faculty of Architecture STU, Bratislava.

The main structure consists of four specially dimensioned beams following the shape of the building on the way to the very top which are stabilised with the bracing creating a “sculpture-like” building. Thanks to the construction it was not necessary to use any bearing walls, thus the building became almost transparent and see through. This effect is even more strengthened during the night when the interior is lit up. The facade is inspired by Scandinavian, minimalistic design – clad in wood.

Program of the building consists of two areas. One for the visitor including the main entrance, restrooms, restaurant and info centre, and another one for the competitors with its changing rooms, conference and technical rooms. One part of the project was to design a tribune/ watching tower.

All work done by Lukas Petko